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      3 Types of Jobs for Foreigners in China That Might Make You Rich

      3 Types of Jobs for Foreigners in China That Might Make You Rich
      danb261 Apr 27, 2018 15:07
      Are you a recent college grad? Or have you been working from the same office for years and need a change?
      China has many jobs for English speakers that are exciting, well-paid, and can set you up for career success.
      Here are 3 types of jobs in China for English speakers that can boost your career and make you rich.
      How Living Can Boost Your Professional Experience
      When you think of cities associated with business and six-figure jobs, New York, San Francisco, and London might come to mind.
      However, you shouldn’t count Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and other Chinese cities out.
      Living in China is a smart career choice for English speakers because:
      a. There is high flexibility for English speakers in China b. There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs
      c. Education jobs for foreigners in China are above average
      Let's start with the first type of job.
      1. Startup Jobs in China for English speakers
      In China, there is currently a high demand for English-speaking professionals. Many of these positions are in fields that deal with Western clients and consumers. This includes services, media, marketing, and education. Simply put, the demand for qualified foreigners is larger than the supply.
      The 1-3 months it takes for new employees to attain a work visa exacerbates this shortage, so applicants already in China have an advantage.

      Many companies — especially startups — are eager to take on native English speakers for part-time roles or as interns. Of course, these positions can lead to full-time employment. This makes China a great choice for those unsure of their career direction, as there are plenty of options for exploring new fields.
      Just take a look at the positions offered on jingjobs.com, a great resource for internships and startup jobs in China, or echinacities.com.
      2. Entrepreneurship in China
      And if your dream is to be he one starting a business, you’re in luck.
      Chinese cities are striving to attract foreign entrepreneurs. In the process, they are easing visa restrictions for high-end talent and offering some pretty impressive incentives.
      Chengdu, for example, offers up $150,000 for tech startupsto relocate to the city plus office space for 3 years, rent-free.
      In Beijing, the Phoenix Plan gives $20,000 to $100,000 a year to startups based in the Chaoyang area.
      It’s obvious China is setting its sights on start-ups as a national interest. Therefore, cities across the country are making it easier for foreigners to set up shop. The goal: To be competitive destinations for qualified talent.
      So, if a career in tech or startups is something you might be interested in, now is the time to come to China. Start understanding the country, networking, and learning the language. The sooner you do that, the sooner you can take advantage of these new opportunities.
      3. Education Jobs in China
      If you’re serious about education as a long-term career, the demand for qualified ESL professionals means the ball is in your court to teach in China.
      While the salary for English teachers in China starts around $2,500 with no previous experience, it is not uncommon for the salary to increase by 30% to 35% when signing a second contract. With some experience, an English teacher living in China can easily make more than than a teacher in the US.
      However, the truth is, many English teachers in China see teaching abroad as a temporary opportunity to explore the world and save money. This has one benefit for serious English teachers. If you focus and try hard to succeed as an English teacher, higher-level positions in education management and administration become available.


      I published this article originally over here on teachinchina.co, a site that's for news and resources, and not associated with any school, recruiter or agency. 

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      Avoid " Expert International Education" with jobs in Xiamen / Fuzhou.high schools and colleges. Innumerable problems my wife had with this company and I ended up having to spend a lot of time and money getting her out of there and back to UK. Avoid. China seems to be getting less and less hospitable but these guys are the worst offenders. If it wasn't months of waiting to go through the bureaucracy to file complaints we would have but it is never worth it. Lots of lost money, time and energy. Avoid.

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      Well composed article. Nice job done but China admins in Education ought to seek one thing, it’s not always the Native who can teach all subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics. There are many times excellent teachers who aren’t native but have native accent and can teach English language and principles like a pro. Everyone ought to be given a chance and they should be observed how they teach in their classrooms.

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      "With some experience, an English teacher living in China can easily make more than than a teacher in the US." Um...yeah, if you teach in Oklahoma. And unlike a US teacher, there are no state retirement benefits, excellent medical benefits, 401K, HSA, Social Security (let's face it - the Chinese gov't will never give you back the big bite it takes out of your paycheck in taxes). If you are a state-certified teacher, it's ok to work in China for a few years as long as you make more than 30K/month. One can save a decent amount to go back to the US with. Anything less than that and you're dying a slow death in China.

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